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The large, non-profit and for-profit, adult and online colleges and comprehensive state colleges and universities are growing during this severe financial period.   The for-profit institutions such as Phoenix University, Strayer University, DeVry University, Walden University, Canella University and Nova Southeastern University have reported record increases in enrollments.  The state comprehensive colleges and universities also are increasing their enrollments due to heavy marketing and alternative delivery formats.  These institutions have been focusing primarily on the adult learner, and they have been delivering these programs via blended and online learning formats.  


The large schools, such as Phoenix University, are recruiting students in large numbers to finish their degree programs or engage in new certificate programs that will enable employees to stay competitive on the job.   Employees are doing everything possible to stay up-to-date and to keep their jobs.  Phoenix University increased its number of registered students in 2008 by more than eight (8) percent.  That number is larger than the increase of enrollments for all small colleges in America. In 2007, more than four (4) million students took at least one course online, and the number of adult learners is increasing faster than the traditional on-campus student.  Students are demanding high quality programs delivered via a blended or online program format.


A few small colleges have begun to adopt these marketing and alternative delivery formats for adult and online students, but they have a mountain to climb to become competitive.  In general, the small colleges have not embraced adult and online learning, and they are suffering the most during this major economic downturn.  These traditional liberal arts colleges have been attempting to change for a number of years.   But, for many of these colleges, it is too late, and they will go out of business.


It is going to hard times for many small colleges, and it is going to get worse.  Tight financial accounting coupled with quality programs delivered via adult and online learning formats will help small colleges weather these financial storms.   Small colleges must find ways to diversify their revenue streams to stay alive.


This Web site will keep you posted on the growth and development of adult and online learning programs at large and small colleges.  It will provide articles, Web links, videos, podcasts and Webinars on adult and online learning programs for small colleges.

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