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Winds of Change

Small colleges are being challenged as never before.  They are facing great financial and enrollment challenges during this severe economic financial period.  College endowments have decreased drastically, and student financial aid has been reduced.  Small colleges have been hit hard by the severe financial down-turn, and college presidents are wondering what their future holds. 


The large non-profit and for-profit colleges and universities are growing significantly due to major marketing campaigns and financial times.   Small colleges do not have the financial budgets to market their brand name or their college.  Thus, they continue to lose market share with the large non-profit, for-profit and comprehensive state colleges and universities as well as the community colleges.  Small colleges are under great pressure just to hold onto their current status.


Students are looking for great programs at a very low cost.  They can’t afford to pay huge tuition costs, and they can’t afford to stay on campus as they once did.  Students are attending community colleges for the first two years and then transferring to a large more prestigious college.   Over the past 18 months, more than 15 trillion dollars in wealth have been drained from the American citizen.  The value of their homes, investments and property has decreased by nearly 40 percent, and parents are having great difficulty in supporting their children’s college education.


Colleges must change the way they recruit and support students.   Students need to finish college at a faster pace than in the past.  They must take courses during the summer, and colleges are often closed during the summer months.  Thus, colleges must provide students with access to blended or online courses to enable the student to finish college on time or ahead of schedule.   In this case, time really is money to the student and parent.


In case of adult learners, time and quality are even more important.  Adult learners are looking for high value programs in a very cost effective environment.  Adult learners must have programs delivered in a quality and easy accessible format so that they can continue to work and go to school.


We know that these are challenging times.  Thus, this Web site will highlight articles, Web links, interviews, videos and Webinars on small colleges.

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