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Small Colleges

Small College America is about the contributions and challenges of small colleges in America.  It tells their story about educating America's youth.


Small College America

Small College America provides important information on the growth and development of small independent colleges in America.
There are more than nine hundred and fifty (950) small colleges scattered like diamonds across the United States, and they offer some of the best education programs available in higher education anywhere in the world.  They enroll more than one and one-half (1,500,000) million students from every walk of life, and these colleges are shining beacons to students seeking opportunities for truth and knowledge.  These colleges represent a unique character and philosophy on education and learning, and they hold a unique passion for helping students learn and achieve.    

Small colleges are like diamonds scattered across America.  Many of these valuable resources are tarnished and faded, but deep down they are glowing.
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